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Products TROCKO offer guarantee of 5 (five) years against defects in the material and workmanship. The guarantee protects the replacement to the 100% of any defective product during the 2 (two) first years, as of the date of purchase. The guarantee covers following the 3 (three) years to a 50% with the value of the product. The guarantee does not cover shipping damages, badly use of the product, incorrect installation, damages caused by accidents or road hazards, modifications to the product or negligence in the use. The guarantee is limited to repair or to replace products TROCKO. The guarantee does not cover the expenses of installation, retirement or shipment of the product. The buyer will have to return the merchandise, for effect of guarantee to the establishment where the product was acquired
PAINT FINISHING COVER GUARANTEE By 3 years in painting this guarantee covers cracking peeling, flaking of the covering. TROCKO recommends nonabrasive wax to protect the finish cover. This guarantee does not cover oxidation in exposed welds. The use of some product to clean that it contains reliable abrasives or can cause the deterioration in the covering DEFINING OF RESPONSIBILITY IN PRODUCTS TROCKO Products TROCKO does not have to be used as protection for the vehicle in case of collision or overturns. The installation of products TROCKO can alter the original characteristics of their vehicle. TROCKO as resulting from does not assume any responsibility to alter the characteristics of design of the manufacturer.
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